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Real Time Food & Entertainment Review App and Nightlife Locator

Calling all Foodies, Bar hoppers, Selfie Lovers & Instagrammers!

Our app helps users find the real time status of their favorite restaurants, bars and nightlife establishments; such as how crowded the establishment is and what the general atmosphere is like. The days of outdated reviews are over! Join the App that makes reviews fun again!

Every picture, video or review you make is instantly uploaded to the App. Plus you can share your experiences with FB, IG and Twitter!

It’s Happening is the 1st and only App to live stream your reviews and the only App that gives you reward coins for every share, selfie, picture or review you take!

Find the hottest bars, nightclubs, and best food spots without a doubt.

No more waiting in line or paying a cover charge only to be disappointed.

With “It’s Happening”, the bars, nightclubs and restaurants compete for you.

Find the best food and drink spots anywhere!

Customer Features

Detailed personalization of your nightlife and restaurant preferences.

Each post or review helps you gain coins, which can be redeemed for merchandise or other incentives.

City Mode – 3D map of an area showing different establishments, and includes a 3D customer avatar.

Hot Zone – Shows how popular different establishments are in a particular area on a 3D map.

Customers will receive notifications from their  favorite establishments with offers such as discounts, free entry, weekly/daily specials and special events.

Amazing Business Benefits

Create a personalized profile for your establishment so your business can be portrayed to users correctly.

Increasing the tourist market for your business by reaching outside of your regular customer base.

Attract more business with direct communication to the customer base. This includes invites, specials, discounts and events.

Business Features

Business establishments will be advertised through the app.

Projection Data businesses can take advantage of real-time projected foot traffic through our direct communication option.

World class fraud protection against fraudulent reviews.

Establishments will be able to upload weekly events and incentives so customers can be notified about them.

Our Mission

To create an app free of fraudulent and outdated reviews; An app that is simple to navigate but intuitive to your exact preference and inevitably finds what you’re looking for. The satisfaction of the consumer is our focus but we also believe in the underdog businesses and the redemption of establishments; So we created the It’s Happening App.

A weekly and monthly review based system that rewards users for every review. The first real time live streaming review site and nightlife locator. The only review site to verify its users in real time and the only site that makes the restaurants bars and establishments compete for you.

Our Company

Connecting real people in real time to the places and experiences they love.

We believe in efficiency, attention to detail and the continuous pursuit of raising the standard. Here at Clear View Technologies Corporation we create simple but powerful tools to aid in the ever changing times of the global consumer.

It’s Happening, and you’re invited:

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